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Welsh Golden Quartz - A Crystal for our Times

Welsh Golden Quartz is an iron rich quartz found in Mid-Wales with a light golden to golden brown hue. It has been discovered in spoil heaps left behind from old lead mining activities. The source is known locally as Crystal Mountain, or more poetically in Welsh it has been called Mynydd Perfriol, meaning ‘sparkling mountain’. I worked with a group of my students to explore the qualities of this crystal.

Initial Attunement to the Energy

The energy from Welsh Golden Quartz is experienced most frequently as an electrical charge. It is also described as tingling and 'fizzy'. The sensation is much stronger when the points of the cluster are facing into the body and milder when facing out. For some people it is more comfortable used with the points outwards as the energy is strong. These people may need to acclimatise to the energy over time. These crystals have also been experienced as simultaneously icy cold and very warm.

Crystal Visions

A web of golden energy was shown flowing through the Earth in a dendritic, organic manner. It was channelled that this golden energy network was placed within the Planet in the times of Lemuria and Atlantis by Extra Terrestrials for the purpose of healing the World at a time of great need. That time has now come and the grid is being activated. There are people all over the World engaged in its activation. The Earth was shown as glowing gold from Space, shining from the inside out. This glow is behaving as an interplanetary distress signal, like lighting a beacon, calling for Extra-Terrestrial assistance.

One member of the group found herself way out in the Cosmos beyond our Solar System. All she could hear was a very loud unpleasant noise like a foghorn sounding. We felt this may be a warning note being sounded by the Planet right now.

It was perceived that there are nodes where the golden network interconnects and that these are particularly powerful points to link into for Planetary healing. The energy of all healers on the Planet needs to be activated. Once each individual has been activated their energy can be used to plug into the golden network and this will help them send energy for planetary healing. The more we power the grid up the stronger it will become. There was a sense that this would not be draining or overwhelming for the healers, the flow should feel easy and natural. There simply needs to be a commitment to help the Planet and allow the flow of golden energy to occur through our energy own energetic channels, thus forming a bridge between the Heavens and the Earth.

One group member was shown a vision of a Forest carpeted in glowing crystals with a path leading to a huge tree which was so massive she could only see the trunk. We felt this was a vision of the World Tree, or Yggdrasil. She was shown the trunk was made of grey crystal and it seemed dull and lifeless. She tried to walk around it to get past and was told, "I will not be ignored." We felt this was a sign that the World Tree is asking for support. In the vision she went inside the trunk and found herself to be a tiny speck within a huge network of golden tunnels. She was reminded of the network of blood vessels in the human body as these tunnels were pulsating and she was told the energy was to sustain and nurture the Earth through the change which is coming. This correlated closely with another group member's sense of root-like twisting golden tunnels through the Earth.

Experiences of Activation - Practical Applications

One member was shown very specifically how to use the Welsh Golden Quartz for Planetary Healing. She was shown that she needed to spread out a World Map and put one of the crystals on each of the corners. Then she was given a list of troubled places on which to place the Golden Quartz. It was felt that there was a link to Merlin energy. It was felt that the stone had come to the surface now because of the times we live in.


We sensed the Golden Welsh Quartz was best used alongside a smaller piece of Milky quartz. It was felt that the Welsh Golden Quartz harmonises with the Welsh Milky Quartz which is found alongside it and widely across Wales as a whole. Between them they create a solar & lunar, masculine & feminine balance. It was perceived that there is a silvery network of energy which goes out into the Universe and carries a finer, more subtle, frequency than the gold. It was felt that the answers for the Earth in the coming times will be channelled from Spirit and that this silver energy would assist us in receiving clear guidance.

One of the group received an image of the Seal of Solomon and was shown herself creating the six pointed in her garden using three golden quartz and three white quartz and heard 'As above, so below.' We felt that the triangle of gold quartz represents the masculine energy projecting out into the Universe and the white quartz represents the feminine energy being received onto the Planet.


I feel that this special quartz is one of many crystals coming to our attention at this crucial time for change on the Planet. I sense that we may be guided to find and work with our most local crystals. By each working in our own locality with the crystals Mother Earth is providing for us at this time we will all play our part in the Planetary transformation taking place.

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