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Guidance from the Woodpecker

My husband Steve returned from his walk in the woods with a woodpecker feather as a gift for me, the second one he has found recently. He joked he was giving me a ‘build your own woodpecker kit!’ As many of you know, I love to work with bird energies and I have a collection of feathers which I use in my healing and spiritual practice.

Woodpecker energy has been patiently trying to get my attention. These are not common feathers and I have only picked up one before, some years ago. Steve’s first feather gift was greeted with, ‘That’s lovely, thanks,’ and I popped it safely away. This second feather alerted me to a message that I needed to take note of.

What is the guidance of Woodpecker? That patience is the key to creating something worthwhile. Woodpecker tells you to keep on going, to stay focussed and to persist with what you are doing, even when the results are barely showing yet. Imagine for a moment how many times a woodpecker taps its beak in one place to create a hole in a tree trunk. Don’t get disheartened and don’t give up halfway.

Woodpecker also says, ‘Don’t be afraid to make some noise!’ A woodpecker is more often heard than seen. The rhythmic sound of its drumming reverberates around the forest and draws attention. You’ll notice it is hard at work even if you can’t see it. The sound is a reminder that drawing attention to your work is also necessary. You need to let people hear what you are up to, otherwise they won’t know when it is time to make a connection with you and they won’t benefit from what you are creating. Don’t serve so quietly that people don’t know you exist!


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