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January 2021 Guidance Crystal - Golden Healer Quartz

Happy New Year to you all! I was planning to do a card reading for the whole of 2021, but after the roller coaster of 2020 I thought it might be more helpful to just take one month at a time! Here is the crystal card for January I chose for us collectively - Golden Healer Quartz, from Heather Askinosie's Daily Crystal Inspiration deck. The message is to 'open the door' to healing on all levels, which feels most apt for now.

Don't let your past define your future. Be ready to let go of old hurt and move forward now with a new optimism that together we really can build something better. Sometimes old structures need to be radically dismantled for something better and brighter to be born. Don't try to drag the outworn rubbish of the past with you. This is a Phoenix time of renewal and rebirth if you will allow it.


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