Crystal Therpay Training Lauren D'Silva Mid Wales UK

Crystal Therapy

Lauren D'Silva is the Principal of Touchstones School of Crystal Therapy Mid Wales UK

She established her own school in 2011 after tutoring for years within another school and her courses reflect her own healing experience and specialisms. Lauren's aim is always to provide the highest quality training for Crystal Therapists. Three levels of qualification are available, all accredited by the Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations (ACHO), who are the joint lead body in the UK for Crystal Therapy. Lauren teaches from her home town of Llandrindod Wells, Mid Wales and also in Glastonbury, usually at the beautiful Chalice Well.

Crystal Therpay Training Lauren D'Silva Mid Wales UK
Crystal Therpay Training Lauren D'Silva Mid Wales UK
Crystal Therpay Training Lauren D'Silva Mid Wales UK

TSCT Foundation Course

At Crystal Therapy Foundation level you learn the key competencies and core skills of a Crystal Healer.

You’ll find out how to care for your crystals as your partners in healing, how to connect with them and bring through crystal guidance. You’ll also find out more about the properties of the crystals themselves. You’ll learn to look after your own energy as a Crystal Healer and how to care for your client, before, during and after a treatment as well as how to prepare and care for the therapeutic space. You’ll be given key techniques suitable for the use of someone starting out in Crystal Therapy focusing on grounding, protection, the chakras and the human energy field with demonstrations of how to fine tune these core techniques for your clients as you build your confidence.

The Foundation course is delivered as an intensive learning programme over 5 tutored days. You’ll receive your course manual, Touchstones Foundations for the Crystal Healer, which was written to support your learning and you’ll be given access to video footage of key techniques and other online resources after the course which help you integrate your learning.

TSCT Certificate Course

Crystal Therapy Certificate level training helps you build your skills and deepen your knowledge of Crystal Healing.
At Certificate level you will enhance your professional skills and extend your knowledge with the Certificate course. This training is delivered in an additional 5 days. It is packed with a diverse range of Crystal Therapy techniques so that you can create a more personalised healing experience for your clients. Your Certificate training includes advanced chakra balancing and channelling healing energy through quartz for your client using crystal balances, You’ll send distant healing with crystals and learn how colour theory can be utilised in a treatment. You will use tried and tested crystal colour layouts as well as creating and testing your own. You’ll be introduced to the Yin and Yang, the Chinese Five Elements and the meridians and experience ways to treat meridians with crystals. You’ll work with the holistic spine and increasing your awareness of the energy flowing through the spine as well as finding ways to work with crystals on the spine. You’ll find out about the special forms of quartz often referred to as ‘Master Crystals’ and their properties and will learn to create your own crystalline visualisations.
The course manual, Touchstones Delving Deeper into Crystal Healing, supports your Certificate learning, and you will be given further online resources to help secure your understanding. Touchstones Foundation and Certificate courses cover the entire core curriculum of ACHO as laid out in the ACHO Training Standards.

TSCT Dip[oma Course & CPD Modules

Crystal Therpay Training Lauren D'Silva Mid Wales UK
Once your core training is complete you will have access to advanced Crystal Therapy training. Touchstones Diploma modules are each two days long and cover a wide range of topics and skills. To gain your Touchstones Crystal Therapy Diploma you will attend a minimum of five Diploma modules, complete the associated homework and case studies and produce a short thesis on a Crystal Therapy topic of your choosing.
Touchstones Diploma modules are available as Continuing Professional Development for Crystal Therapists who have already trained to at least ACHO Certificate level. If you have already achieved a Diploma qualification completing a further 5 modules, plus the associated homework and case studies will earn you a Touchstones 'Crystal Masters' award.
Diploma Modules
Connecting with Crystal Consciousness:
Learn key Shamanic principles and discover how to Journey to the three Realms. You’ll connect with Allies and Guides to help you in your healing work and work with Crystal Consciousness for healing and guidance. You’ll find out about the Directions, the Western elements and work with a crystal Medicine Wheel.

Discover how our relationships provide opportunities for learning and growth. You’ll explore the concepts of soul groups and soul mates as well as the theory of twin flames. You’ll be given emotional healing layouts and visualisations. You’ll find out how relationship cords can affect health and wellbeing on all levels and how to release dysfunctional cords for yourself and your clients. You’ll be shown how to retrieve lost power and learn to create healthy relationship boundaries.
Crystals and the Goddess:
Making the Divine Feminine connection to strengthen and empower women. You’ll work with Goddess energies to develop self-worth and self-esteem. Find the power of the feminine life stages, meeting the Maiden, Mother and Crone. Honour your body and help your clients with body image issues by looking through the eyes of the Goddess.
Gem Waters and Essences:
Learning how essences work and how to make them safely, use them and store them. You’ll be making your own gem essences and working out what their properties are. You’ll also find out about gem waters and be given gem water recipes as well as creating your own.
Crystal Oracles:
Work with the symbolic language of the subconscious mind and explore the concept of synchronicity for insight and guidance. You’ll cover the ethical considerations of using oracles within a therapeutic setting. You’ll use a range of crystal oracles including decks of crystal cards, casting crystals and scrying.  
Gridding with Crystals:
Find out how to make and use crystal grids. Works with Sacred Geometry and the Platonic Solids. Explore Crystal Mandalas and ways to use them therapeutically. Learn to focus group energy by creating and use a grid together for shared purpose.
Crystals on the Tree of Life:
Explore the sacred symbol of the Tree of Life. Understand the key components of the Tree including the Sephiroth, the Triads, the Pillars and the Paths. Learn how to do Crystal Healing using the Tree and how to maintain balance. Explore manifestation through the path of the Lightning Flash
Connecting with Cosmic Consciousness:
Find out about finer energy structures including the Hara Line and the Soul Seat. Learn how the Hara helps you to align with your life purpose and how to work with your clients when they are ready for this advanced healing. Expand your awareness by tapping into Cosmic Consciousness using Starbrary quartz crystals. Explore healing with cosmic energies through Starbrary quartz.
Crystal Regression Therapy:
Discover different models of reincarnation and the theories underpinning therapeutic use of regression. Understand the concept of life lessons and the journey of the Soul from lifetime to lifetime. Look at repeating patterns and how to transform them through awareness and healing. Work with crystals that facilitate past life recall.  Learn how to conduct a crystal regression and how to support a client to heal past life grief and trauma 
NB This is the most advanced material taught in any of the modules. You need to have established a strong healing practice and have plenty of experience working with clients to be able to apply the material covered in this module therapeutically with others.


"Attending Lauren´s Foundation Course is like walking into a kingdom of crystals and meeting a true master of crystal energies. While Lauren´s guidance is gentle and kind, the intention to share a proper and very specific knowledge and skills is intertwined throughout the whole course.


I feel that learning from Lauren is really special because the teaching which she shares is filled with integrity, experience, passion, and enormous love for crystals. This course opened a whole new world for me and it moved me forward towards my dream of diving deeper into the world of crystals and also learning some useful, practical skills on how to work with the crystals.


In the middle of all the beautiful crystals, I find that one of the most important things I experienced was the opportunity to see myself as a healer, taste the feeling. This opened a new chapter in my life when I experienced the moments of partnering up with crystals and bringing their beautiful energies into the lives of other people. This course gave me a lot, from finding precious friendships with kinds of crystals I have never known before to discovering new layers of my own inner world. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to study this course and for having Lauren as my tutor."


Petra Cinklova