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 Touchstones School of Crystal Therapy Mid Wales UK
 Touchstones School of Crystal Therapy Mid Wales UK

Spreading The Light

Lauren D'Silva is an International Spiritual Teacher, Healer

and Author based in the UK, working with Crystal Therapy, the Sacred Feminine and Cosmic energies.

She is a Divine Inspiratrix bringing through healing and messages from the Crystal Kingdom, the Divine Feminine and her Guides at this time of monumental change on Planet Earth.
Whether she is healing, teaching, speaking, channelling, or writing she encourages, supports and enlightens those who are awakening to their spiritual path.

Learn About Crystals

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As Principal of Touchstones School of Crystal Therapy, Mid Wales UK Lauren provides quality, accredited training for crystal therapists. She is a true expert with over 20 years of qualified experience. Lauren's professional training courses are accredited through the Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations (ACHO). Lauren served ACHO as the organisation's Chair for six years.

If you would like to connect with and use crystals for your own well-being and enjoyment you can access Lauren's
Crystal Companions Course. This 10 part video course is the perfect companion to Lauren's book 'Crystals' and is suitable for beginners. It includes an hour's one to one tutorial time with Lauren via Zoom.

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Healing for Mind, Body and Spirit

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Ready for Healing?

Lauren draws on a depth of experience in her healing and loves to work with those who are ready to explore their true selves. She is particularly gifted in helping her clients release restrictive self beliefs that are holding them back, whether these stem from recent experiences, from childhood, other people, or other lifetimes. Her healing has an emphasis on building self-esteem and the courage to follow the promptings of your soul.

Lauren always aims to empower her clients. She is particularly interested in working with women's issues, including women's spirituality, women's health and relationship issues.

Lauren is available to work with you wherever you are in the World through online appointments via Zoom. If you are close enough to travel you can receive healing with Lauren in person from her home in Mid Wales. With more than 20 years of therapeutic experience and a wide range of intuitive healing skills she can create bespoke sessions that help you shift old blockages and bring through your gifts and abilities.
Lauren charges £60 an hour. Your first session includes an extra 20 minutes free to discuss the issues you wish to address. Read on to find out about Lauren's in-person Transformation Days.

Transformation Days

Move Deeper into your Healing
Spend a whole day with Lauren at her home in Mid Wales
Transformation Days are created bespoke to your requirements and typically may include discussion, a consultation with the Tarot, or other oracle cards, healing on the treatment couch, meditation with Lauren and a visit to a healing place in the Mid Wales countryside if the weather permits.
The timings of a Transformation Day can be adjusted, but they typically run 10am - 5pm. You can even spread your visit over two days to create a mini-retreat. Booking your 'day' as an afternoon and a morning creates more space to relax. You can book an overnight stay at a local hotel or guest house.
If you are interested please request a free 20 minute Zoom call. The call is necessary to prepare and also allows Lauren to assess whether this style of work would be appropriate for you.
£250 for the day. Half days of 3 hours are bookable for £150.

Can't travel? You can book a virtual Transformation day with me working together via Zoom. Typical days run online 10am-12 midday, 1pm - 2pm and  3pm-4pm but timings can be flexible. £180 for this online option.

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Spiritual Teacher and Guide

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Would you like Guidance on your Spiritual Journey?

When you are opening up spiritually you are likely to encounter some new phenomena. Sometimes this feels wonderful and sometimes it can be disorientating. Often it is difficult to know who to ask about your experiences without appearing crazy!

Lauren has walked her path for decades and encountered plenty of interesting experiences along the way. Her observation is that whilst the path towards enlightenment contains marvellous treasures, it also shines a light on the aspects of yourself that need healing. This can be challenging!

Book a tutorial with Lauren to discuss your progress and and questions you may have on your path. You will receive her intuitive guidance and practical suggestions about moving forward.

Inspirational Speaker & Workshop Leader

Inspirational Author, Speaker and

Workshop Leader & TV Guest

Lauren is an inspirational speaker and has led talks and workshops at Mind Body Spirit conferences and spiritual gatherings in the UK and overseas. Lauren loves to bring people together. She was the organiser of the Heart of Wales MBS shows and the Crystal Enlightenment Conference 2016. Her 2017, 2018 and 2019 Crystal Healing Retreats were all sold out events. Since the pandemic Lauren has taken a pause from organising her own Retreats and Conferences, but she is available to lead sessions at larger MBS shows and conferences. She is also available to appear as a guest on TV and Radio shows.

Lauren can be booked as a speaker for large audiences and charitable organisations. Enquire about booking Lauren for your group or event. She will need to know the dates, the focus of your event, its location, expected attendance numbers and the amount of time you would like her to present to give you a price. 
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Join Lauren's Community

Receive regular guidance messages and inspirational energy updates from the Crystal Kingdom, the Divine Feminine and other Guides. You’ll be first in line to book on Lauren’s courses before they are advertised publicly and will be invited to take part in exclusive Community events. 

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