Therapies | Crystals, Hypnosis & Channelled Healing
Therapies | Crystals, Hypnosis & Channelled Healing


Are You Ready To Shift?

We are experiencing a period of rapid change on Earth and Humanity is currently experiencing a mass spiritual awakening. This profound shift brings an opportunity to clear out the energetic and emotional baggage of the past so that we can each bring our energy more fully into the present and truly stand in our power.  

It's Time to...

Own your potential, to reclaim the wisdom and skills accumulated over lifetimes and to learn to utilise these qualities now.

Your Healing Session

When you book a session with Lauren she will aim to empower you. Lauren will not take responsibility for your healing away from you. Her healing abilities are used to help you discover the gifts you carry for yourself. She will challenge you to release the old stuck patterns of the past and help you recognise where you have been blocked from showing your true self to the world.
Lauren draws on an intuitive understanding of the many ways in which people on the spiritual path self-sabotage their progress. She aims to help you uncover and shine your light.  With more than twenty years of helping people work through their blockages and helping them to transform the way they feel about themselves Lauren has a depth of experience and knowledge to draw upon.
Lauren is a channel for healing and guidance. Many people sense they are receiving the healing, which may be experienced as tingling, warmth, waves of energy or deep relaxation. She has evolved the ability to hold a safe and sacred space through which higher spiritual energies can reach us and works closely with the Divine Feminine to transform women’s feelings about their self-image and self-worth.

Crystals usually play a role Lauren’s in-person treatment sessions and may be utilised in online sessions, particularly where the client has a crystal collection of their own. Lauren sees crystals as catalysts for profound change and as excellent allies for those interested in spiritual development. 
Lauren draws upon her mastery of language and the creates hypnotic visualisations to shift your awareness and install more supportive behaviours and thoughts. Hypnotic suggestions sink deeper into the realm of the subconscious where our old programming resides. By changing our underlying patterns we can transform our outlook.
Lauren works with clients worldwide via Zoom. In person treatment sessions with Lauren are also available in-person at Lauren’s home in Mid Wales. Either way you will remain fully clothed. On your first session a medical history will be taken, and Lauren will discuss your reasons for seeking healing. If you are in any doubt about whether therapy is appropriate you are asked to seek medical advice.
After your session please be aware that you may need to take things easy. Healing may continue to unfold for several days after the session. Rest and drink plenty of water, as this helps your body clear any energetic debris released in the session.

Therapies | Crystals, Hypnosis & Channelled Healing