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Lauren D’Silva BA Jt Hons, PGCE, CHSVA, Principal TSCT

Lauren D'Silva is an International Spiritual Teacher, Healer  and Author based in the UK, working with Crystal Therapy, the Sacred Feminine and Cosmic energies.

Lauren's Story

Lauren began her exploration of mysticism and the unseen realms early. One of her earliest memories was coming across a deck of tarot cards. As a small child she was mesmerised by the images and sensed they were something special. As a teenager she taught herself to pendulum dowse and bought her first tarot deck, reading for herself and her friends.
She was always sensitive and empathic. She felt tremendously upset as a small child to hear of whaling, or of the destruction of the rainforests. Her deep concern for the natural world has never left her. As a teenager she campaigned for animal rights and she went on in her twenties to be an active member of the local Green Party. She remembers campaigning about air quality and giving a talk about recycling at a time when green activities were seen as ‘hippy nonsense.’ To this day Lauren continues to care for the environment and she runs a regular circle for planetary healing.
Following her degree in English and Philosophy and teacher training, Lauren became an English and Drama teacher in state secondary schools. She loved working with teens and the energy they brought to the classroom. She went on to head up the Healthy Schools Programme for her Local Education Department. This role led to her training teachers and other adults on a wide range of health related issues. This role also gave Lauren the experience of organising conferences and events and speaking to larger audiences.
Alongside her career in Education Lauren nurtured a growing interest in complementary therapies.  She studied aromatherapy massage at night school and developed an interest in space clearing and Feng Shui. Her first experience of receiving Crystal Therapy literally changed her life and she needed to find out more. An introductory 10 week course at night school merely whetted her appetite and she undertook a two year Crystal Therapy Diploma course as the last millennia drew to a close. That course provided a sound foundation for her future work with crystals.

The Birth of Touchstones 


Lauren yearned for a quieter life with less traffic and cleaner air. She decided to follow her dream and took a leap of faith, moving from an English city to beautiful Mid-Wales without a job to go to. The holistic side of her business now had space to grow, as did her writing. She set up her Crystal Therapy practice, named Touchstones Therapies.

Historically a touchstone was a hard black stone used to test the quality of precious metals such as gold and silver according to the colour streak they made when scratched upon it. Now the term is more often used metaphorically as a sign of validity and quality. Lauren sees a touchstone as something that is enduring and dependable. The crystals are the touchstones bringing you back into connection with your eternal essence, your true Self. 

To supplement her growing therapy business Lauren took Health Education consultancy work, including running awareness training around the country for the Eating Disorders Association (the main Eating Disorders charity in the UK since renamed Beat). The insights she gained from providing that training helped to inform her Sacred Vessel approach to holistic and healthy weight loss.

When she met her husband Steve Deeks-D’Silva she went through a series of magical initiations and became a High Priestess. Her love of ceremony remains part of her work and she is available to preside over Handfasting and baby naming Ceremonies.
In turn, Lauren trained Steve in Crystal Therapy and he qualified to Diploma level. He now assists her with larger groups and teachings. Lauren’s Diploma course awakened Steve’s innate Shamanic nature and he went on to train as a Shaman with Ross Heaven. Steve specialises in Entity Removal, clearing difficult energies from people, a service he continues to provide. For more information please visit his website:
Entity Removal

From early in their relationship Lauren and Steve had to work through layers of past life issues together. The process was often challenging, but the resulting spiritual development was incredible. Lauren tells their transformational story in her first book Light behind the Angels.

Just before the beginning of the pandemic Lauren was approached by Godsfield, publishers of the popular Crystal Bible, asking if she would write a contemporary guide to crystals. The resulting book, simply titled Crystals was published in 2021 as part of the Godsfield Companion series. It's a great place to start for those who are new to crystals and want to know what to do with them.

Lauren loves to bring people together. She organised the Crystal Enlightenment Conference in her hometown of Llandrindod Wells, bringing over 100 Crystal therapists to Mid Wales for a weekend packed with workshops and talks in 2016. Since then she organised a series of annual Retreats supported by her husband and other colleagues. Lauren is available to present talks and workshops at suitable events whether in person or online and in 2023 she added television appearances to her experience - something she'd never felt confident to do before. She says, "It goes to show that we are all on a journey of personal discovery and evolution."
Lauren loves to work with Goddess energies and she brings a sense of the Sacred Feminine through in her healing, writing and teaching. Throughout 2023 she has run a Moon Circle gathering for women which has a focus on the Goddess and crystals. This Women's Circle will be continuing as a Full Moon Circle for 2024

Lauren's Sacred Vessel group meets fortnightly online and encourages women to honour their beautiful bodies and treat themselves with loving kindness. The Sacred Vessel approach arose from addressing her own lifelong issues with weight and body image. The Divine Feminine guidance has transformed Lauren’s own feelings about her body and liberated her from the tyranny of diets. Her aim is to help as many women as possible in learning to love and accept their bodies.

Lauren - Healer, Author, Teacher

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