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Buy Books Written By Lauren D'Silva

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Lauren D'Silva

Lauren has always loved writing and found it a pleasure. Her University degree was in English and Philosophy.  She went on teach English and Drama teacher in secondary schools. Changing career to focus on her therapies Lauren wrote the New Age column for Bellaonline women's online magazine for over a decade. Lauren still loves to write and is open to commissions from magazines and publishers.

Buy Books Written By Lauren D'Silva

Lauren’s latest book 'Crystals' was published by Godsfield in 2021 as part of their new Companions series. The book is a contemporary guide to crystals written to be accessible and practical for anyone who loves crystals, whether this is a fledgling new hobby or a long-term passion. It provides all the information you need to look after your crystals and connect with them. There is also a Crystal Directory covering the most accessible and popular crystals with their healing qualities and suggestions for their use.

Lauren’s first book, Light behind the Angels, Light behind the Angels was autobiographical, published in 2010. It tells the story of a period of intense spiritual awakening which spanned several years when she met her husband Steve. It was a roller-coaster journey and her story spans many lifetimes, full of love, loss, treachery and an ancient curse. 
Lauren promises her story is much more entertaining to read than it was to live through! This was an incredibly challenging time, full of beauty and despair in equal measure. She wrote the book to record her own experiences and found catharsis in the process, however many readers have reported it has helped them on their own spiritual journey as they have also cleared past life issues and reclaimed their power. ​

Buy Books Written By Lauren D'Silva
Buy Books Written By Lauren D'Silva
Messages from the Cosmos was written about the extraordinary Starbrary quartz crystals and documents the healing work Lauren has been guided to do with them. Starbraries are a high vibrational form of quartz encoded with off-planet wisdom. Lauren runs an online healing circle using the Starbraries which focusses primarily on channelling healing for the Earth. Please note you should have some experience of working with crystals before you connect with the Starbraries as these are not energies for novices. Contact Lauren if you would like to join the Cosmic Healing Circle.
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