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Make your year a magical one by gathering online with other women as Lauren leads you along a spiritual development path with crystals and the Goddess.

Full Moon Circle

Lauren facilitates the Full Moon Women's Circle with the intention to lead you deeper into yourself, expanding your understanding of who you are and helping you to explore your untapped potential. Each lunar month we will focus on a different theme for your personal growth and spiritual development, working with the Goddess and crystals.


Our Moon Circle is led by Lauren, but it is also a space for you to participate and share. Cameras will be on so we can see each other's faces. All members of the Circle will be invited to speak at key points if they wish and are asked to keep confidentiality within the Circle. 


The Full Moon Circle is a sacred space for us to gather online as women. Apologies to any gents land on this page, this one is just for us ladies!

There are limited places available to keep our Circle feeling friendly and a safe place to share.

Our Full Moon Circle will be held on the closest Saturday to each Full Moon. It will be two hours long and Lauren will lead you through a variety of exercises based around our theme of the month. You can expect guided meditations, mantra or affirmations, a card pick, simple ceremony and sharing.


On the New Moon, Lauren will send out an introduction to our theme for the coming month and suggest ways you might prepare for the Full Moon Circle, including setting your intentions for the lunar month ahead. 

Our themes are chosen to take you on a deepening journey of spiritual development through the lunar months.

Dates, Times and Themes of our 2024 Circles*

Our Full Moon Circle gathers from 3pm to 5pm on the Saturdays listed below.

All timings are UK based. You are welcome to join us from abroad, but please check the time difference before you book!


1st Moon: Flowing with the Cycles of the Moon

Saturday 27th January  


2nd Moon: The Spiral Path of the Goddess

Saturday 24th February 


3rd Moon: Connecting with Mother Earth and the Seasons

Saturday 23rd March 


4th Moon: Focusing on Inner Peace and Harmony

Saturday 20th April  


5th Moon: Finding Strength, Focus and Perseverance

Saturday 25th May 

6th Moon: Caring for your Health and Wellbeing

Saturday 22nd June 

7th Moon: Connecting with Hearth and Home

Saturday 20th July 

8th Moon: Revealing your Authentic Self

Saturday 17th August


9th Moon: Learning through Relationships

Saturday 21st September

10th Moon: Tapping into your Abundance

Saturday 19th October

11th Moon: Loving your Body

Saturday 16th November

12th Moon: Claiming your Sovereignty

Saturday 14th December



*If Lauren needs to make any changes to dates, times or themes of a Full Moon Circle she will give the Circle members as much notice as humanly possible.



How much prior knowledge and experience do I need?

You are expected to understand the basics of energy safety and working with crystals. If you have never taken a crystal course I recommend you do the Crystal Companions online video course and take the included hour's tutorial with Lauren before you start. That course costs £60 and will give you enough of a grounding in the basics to join us.


What if I cannot make a session?

We hope you'll honour each of our Full Moon Circles as sacred time for yourself, but we know that life gets in the way sometimes. If you cannot make a session you will still receive recordings of the visualisations and the key teachings for the month. This is not the same as being in Circle, but it should mean you can keep up with the group. 

What if I arrive late to Circle?

Late arrivals can disrupt the group energy. Our Circle will be closed ten minutes after the start time and you will not be admitted after that time, so please be punctual.


I've had a hysterectomy / I am in menopause.

Me too sister! This journey is designed for adult women of all ages. The journey is aimed at helping women embody their Divine Feminine selves whatever their life stage.

I don't have a large collection of crystals, will I be able to take part?

Lauren deliberately chosen crystals that are accessible and affordable. She will talk about her chosen crystals of the month and the possible substitutes you could use in the New Moon Introduction, which gives you time to source them for the Full Moon Circle if you don't own them already.

I just want to do a few of the themes, can I pick and choose?

No, sorry the commitment you make is for the whole year. This is a closed circle, which means that women get to know each other over the months, which helps people feel safe to share.

I'm really interested, how much does it all cost?

Your Full Moon Circle place can be paid for in twelve easy instalments of £20 a calendar month. If you would prefer to pay up front you can make a single payment of £200 before 1st January 2023, which will save you £40.

Please read the booking terms and conditions carefully before applying.

The Full Moon Circle for 2024 is currently full. This form is a registration of interest. Lauren will contact those on the waitlist if a space opens up. Please join the community mailing list to be notified when bookings open for Lauren's 2025 Moon Circle.

Thanks for your application​I will get back to you as soon as possible.If you don't hear anything within 48 hours please contact me!

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