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Channelled Message from Starbrary Quartz

Starbrary quartz are special crystals which have been programmed by highly evolved Extraterrestrial beings. The one I have been working with most links me to Andromeda. These beings of Unity consciousness can assist us here on Earth. We then did some channelling with our own Starbraries. Here is the message I received from the Andromedans:

We are here now amongst you. We are not looking from a distance. You walk past us in the streets. We do not stand out. We are a quiet race, but our presence is necessary at this time. We are a calming influence and we lead by peaceful example. We do not want the limelight, that is for Egos and we are not driven by ego needs.

We are healers, nurses, people of service. We are involved in helping humanity come from a place of kindness and compassion. When everyone is heart-centred our job will be done.

You must centre yourselves in your own hearts. It is a gentle act. You cannot force it to happen or coerce others. Whenever you are provoked it is an opportunity to sense that you are coming out of your place of balance. The right response is always the heart-centred one.

Violence begets violence. Humanity must learn this lesson. It is time.

Connect with us through your hearts. You are part of the Whole and nothing can be lost or it is no longer Whole. When you connect through your heart you are plugging your energy into the solution, not the problem. You are increasing the harmony on the Planet, not the disharmony. You cannot be neutral at this point in your evolution. You either contribute to the new energies trying to come through or you block them. You have free will. It is your choice.

We are always here to guide you when you come out of balance. You only need to connect.

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