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Crystal Guidance for March 2021

This month I used The Crystal Ally Cards Evolution Edition by Naisha Ahsian to draw a card for our collective guidance. Two cards came out of the deck together. Diamond is the last card in the deck, which I interpret as the end of a long cycle. When you pull the final card of a sequence it primes you to review where you have been and readies you for the beginning of a new cycle. This was confirmed as I pulled the Earth element card alongside it which just happens to be the first card of the entire deck. What are the odds of doing that I wonder? There are 75 cards in this pack if anyone wants to do this sum!

Diamond signals that you have polished another facet of the precious gem that is your soul. It is a symbol of endurance, having formed under intense heat and pressure within the Earth. As we come up to the anniversary of our first Covid-19 lockdown in the UK take a moment to look back over this difficult year. What have you learned? Perhaps you've uncovered skills that you didn't know you had. Maybe you now recognise how precious everyday interactions with friends and family are and will never take them for granted again. Maybe there is a resilience within you that has been revealed.

On the image of the Diamond card an angel reaches a helping hand to lift us from the darkness. We are reminded that our spirit allies have accompanied us throughout, whispering words of encouragement and inspiration even when things have been bleak. The Earth card primes us to get grounded and be ready for the new growth that heralds the Spring and hopefully the new opportunities that will come with the better weather. It is a reminder to go outside, especially if you have been shut indoors over Winter. Now is the time to celebrate the growing light. Even with the current restrictions on travel you can connect with the natural world. Step outdoors and listen to birdsong at dawn and dusk, or watch the sunrise and sunset.


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