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The Lion's Gate Portal and the Collapse of Linear Time

Happy Lion’s Gate Portal everyone!

I wanted to share a dream I had on Friday morning. I was wearing a heavy and expensive wristwatch; a Rolex I believe. I kept looking at the time as I was thought something was peculiar was going on, it was running fast, not just the watch, but time itself, the hours were passing by like minutes. Suddenly the heavy metal watch dropped away from my wrist and simply fell apart, the dial and cogs becoming ephemeral, drifting away from me like tissue paper.

I was aware it was the middle of the night, yet it was still light and there was a pearly pink energy in the sky. The leading edge was rippling with pink fronds or tentacles, delicate, like sea anemones, and beautiful objects were being flown in, including crystals, I saw a lovely piece of amethyst gliding by.

When I woke a scribbled down the details and looked at the symbols in the dream. In the dream I was myself, and this was a chunky men’s watch. To me the symbol was ‘the end of time’. I wonder if it signifies the end of this masculine-dominated Age of Pisces? The images in the sky gave me the feeling that the energies of the New Age being flown in to overlay the old. The coming of the New Earth is tangible, it felt exciting!

I realised that the Lion’s Gate Portal was open and that made sense of the dream and the new energy. The Lion’s Gate happens every year, but this year it feels particularly tangible. This is a time when there is an influx of energy from Sirius, in the sign of Leo, hence the Lion’s Gate.

During Friday whilst I was prepping for my Messages from the Cosmos Masterclass, time was flying by. Hours really did disappear like minutes. I meditated on the energy while my husband took the dog for a walk; it felt like he returned minutes later, but he’d been out for two hours.

Over Saturday whilst I was teaching, and yesterday too, the guidance about the manmade construct of time collapsing continued. I opened a QI book of quotations ‘at random’ to a page which ‘just happened’ to be on Time, including Einstein’s famous quote on time being an illusion and this pearl of wisdom from ErwinSchrödinger:

For eternally and always there is only one now, one and the same now; the present is the only thing that has no end.

Yesterday I realised that the Goddess card behind me on my altar at the moment, which I’d chosen for the illustration of Arianrhod, has the keyword of Time written underneath. I think the significance of time is being brought quite strongly to my attention!

My sense is the Lion’s Gate Portal is giving us an opportunity to easily reach through the illusion of time, to clear away the patterns that have held us back not just in this lifetime, but in all our lifetimes.

We are also being infused with light codes that will help us unlock the qualities, gifts and talents that we have carried, sometimes without conscious awareness, sometimes knowing, but not daring, to own them and use them.

I was also guided to look at the 8 of the Portal on its side – when it becomes the lemniscate, the symbol of infinity. By working with the symbol we can harmonise the duality within us and bring our awareness to the eternal Now where time is no longer a linear construct, but a continual flow.

The symbol of the lemniscate appears above the heads of two of the Major Arcana figures in the Rider Waite tarot. The Magician has the ability to harness and use the power of all the elements. He might be seen as masculine power, control, he is not necessarily good or bad, it all depends on how he chooses to use his power. The Strength card shows a beautiful and feminine woman who is able to subdue the fierce and strong lion without a macho show of physical power and without harming the lion.

I have been guided for a long while now that this is a time for the rising of the Divine Feminine to balance up the Masculine which has been in control for too long. That imbalance has led us to this crossroads for the future of the planet. It feels like the influx of energy through the Lion’s Gate Portal is supporting this rebalancing within us and for the planet.

I’ve drawn a lemniscate large enough to hold the two tarot cards, one in each loop. I am using a Starbrary quartz point to draw a harmonising flow between the two figures, focussing on balancing up the power of the feminine with the power of the masculine. You could try this out too and let me know how it feels in the comments. If you don't have a Starbrary a clear quartz point should work. Although the Lion's Gate energy is at its peak today the portal is anticipated to stay open until the 12th.


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