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Sacred Vessel Holistic Weight Loss Courses Mid Wales UK

Sacred Vessel

 An Holistic and Kind Approach to

Body Image, Self Esteem & Weight for Women

After a lifetime of battling with her weight Lauren lost almost three stones of body weight and dropped two dress sizes without calorie counting or 'diet rules' by applying her own guided approach which she has called Sacred Vessel.  Most importantly the weight has stayed off and she feels better about her body than she has done her whole adult life. Other women who have worked with Lauren in this way tell her how much happier they are feeling in their own skin. In Lauren's experience when you fix your relationship with your body you re-align yourself with her needs and the weight loss follows naturally. 

The group meets for an hour fortnightly on Monday evenings via Zoom where Lauren leads discussion and visualisations or other Sacred Vessel practices. The aim is you benefit not just from the approach but from the supportive nature of the group too.
Each session costs £10.

Wondering if Sacred Vessel is right for you? You can ask for a free 20 minute Zoom call with Lauren before booking.
Contact Lauren to make an appointment.

The Sacred Vessel Approach

The Sacred Vessel Philosophy

Challenge your habitual thoughts and judgements about your body. Recognise the messages you have been giving your body and change these to more loving thoughts and feelings.

Form a supportive relationship with your body as your Sacred Vessel for your Spirit in this lifetime.

Improve your Body Image

Don't wait until you have lost your excess weight to feel better about your body. Begin to release shame and self-consciousness and start loving your body as she is now. You'll be guided to look at yourself through more loving eyes.

Relax with Calming and Nurturing Visualisations

Lauren has written hypnotic Sacred Vessel visualisations and is frequently told how soothing and calming her voice is. You just need to sit back, get comfy, close your eyes and listen to Lauren as she guides you through the imagery. 


Set Meaningful Intentions and Measure your Progress 

 How will you know whether the approach is working? Traditional diets use external tools like weighing scales and tape measure. Lauren encourages you to use holistic measures which help you gauge how you feel as well as what you weigh.

Tune into your Body and Listen to her Messages

Pay attention to the signals your body is sending you. When you learn to tune in you'll find your body has her own wisdom and can guide you towards eating foods that nourish you in satisfying quantities that meet your needs.

Make Sustainable Changes 

The Sacred Vessel approach encourages you to make manageable changes to your habits, a little at a time.

Small changes can add up to a big difference.


Become More Mindful and Enjoy your Food and Drink

 Mindfulness can bring calm in the midst of the chaotic demands and stresses of modern life. You are guided towards a more mindful approach to your meals. When you pay attention to what you are eating you can enjoy your food more.


Choose Real Foods and Look after your Gut 

Ditch crazy diet restrictions and eat a diverse range of foods. You'll be choosing more of the foods that nourish your body and help to support your microbiome.

Enjoy Group Support

When you gather in Circle with other women you realise you are not alone and that many of us have had similar thoughts and experiences with our weight, dieting, food and body image. We are on a shared journey of empowerment which starts when our relationships with our bodies begins to heal. 

Janet changed her relationship with her body

"I would like to thank you for the sacred vessel sessions. My weight has fluctuated all my life . Even at my lightest weight I was unhappy. These sessions have given me insight as to why and have certainly allowed me to explore the issues behind my issues with food and my body.


I feel lighter and brighter than I have done for sooooo long. You have given us all the opportunity to flip our attitude towards our physical body. Listening to others experiences has been both difficult and comforting. The visualisations raised so much for me on a personal level. Emotions and out dated attitudes that I can now address. I know that this is a long slow and steady journey but it's a journey I am ready to embrace."

Ready to try a Sacred Vessel visualisation?

Get comfy and follow Lauren's voice as she leads you to cleansing in the sea.

Lauren's Sacred Vessel Story

Lauren's Sacred Vessel Journey

Early in 2020 I said, 'No more!' to dieting
after spending all my adult life on or off a diet.

I finally recognised that restrictive diets, whether they were low fat, low carb, slimming clubs, fasting, juicing, no longer worked for me. I could look back and see clearly that diets had only ever been a temporary fix, often resulting in weight gain that took me even higher than my starting weight when I inevitably came off them and started to eat normally again. How dispiriting!

I remember I would get excited about a new diet and feel full of determination and willpower, only for my weight loss to plateau after a couple of weeks or months of self-denial. In recent years that excitement was no longer in evidence and dieting had left me alternating between the BMI 'overweight' and 'obese' categories. I seemed destined to remain between two or three stones above my BMI healthy weight whatever regime I tried.
Dieting made me feel so self-conscious about my body that I detested having my photo taken and as I am only 5ft 2" tall the excess weight was extremely visible. When I was younger I would regularly be asked, "When is the baby due?" As I aged at least people stopped asking me that question!

From my stubborn excess weight it was clear my body was not impressed by the many and varied dieting regimes it had been subjected to over the years. My weight was having a real impact on my health and I was concerned that I might develop type 2 diabetes as both of my grandmothers had done. I wanted to lose my excess weight to feel fitter and healthier and I sensed that this would also be good for my mind, body and spirit.

The question was, "If I am going to stop dieting what will I do?"
I was gently guided to apply the therapeutic principles and insights I've gained from over 20 years of helping people work through their mental, emotional and physical issues.  As I have worked on my own body issues I have been deepening my connection with the Divine Feminine. I brought in Goddess wisdom, intuition, hypnotic visualisations, affirmations, crystals and a huge helping of kindness. I was guided to read around the benefits of eating a diverse range of plant-based foods, the role of the gut microbiome and of the relationship between sleep and weight. This felt like a truly holistic and sustainable approach that I could incorporate into my lifestyle.
To my delight the stubborn weight started to reduce without dieting,
without angst, without struggle or starvation.

It steadily fell below the level where I had always got stuck when dieting. To my joy the weight continued to come off gently and more importantly it has stayed off.

I'm left with a healthy, new respect for my body and a desire to treat her as my sacred vessel and my precious partner in life.  At 55 I am menopausal and living proof that you really can lose weight in the menopause. I love and appreciate my body like I have never loved her before and my confidence in front of the camera has been transformed too!

Early on 
I realised there were a lot of other women who might benefit from changing their minds and emotions about their bodies, weight and food and so the Sacred Vessel approach was born. The aim of Sacred Vessel is to provide you with a  range of empowering tools so that you can also make sustainable changes that honour your spirit and support your body, mind and your emotions.
Join Lauren to shine a light on your own issues around food and weight, to nourish your body and to appreciate everything she does for you. 

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