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Croning with Crystals and the Goddess

I'm excited about this new Masterclass day for us ladies who are in peri-menopause or menopause. This can be a challenging phase of our lives as we go through major transformation which is often ignored, misunderstood, belittled, or even mocked by society at large, however 'the change' does contain huge potential for us.

We'll be sharing some of our personal experiences and the ways we have found to cope with the diverse range of changes occurring in our bodies, minds and spirits. We'll also look at the positive side of claiming our Crone power and the wisdom that only comes through life experience. The Goddess Hecate and other Goddesses will be supporting us through this shift of consciousness along with crystals such as hawk's eye, black moonstone and Apache tear obsidian.

If attending please set up where you will not be overheard so that we can maintain confidentiality for everyone in the group. Also make sure you know how to work your webcam and microphone so you can be seen and heard!

The day will run online from 10am - 12 midday with a break for lunch and time to try a practical exercise, then back together from 2pm - 3pm with another break for more personal exploration and a final session online from 4pm - 5pm. Contact me to book your place. £40 for the day.


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