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Make a Decision at the Crossroads with the Goddess Hecate

Spend this Samhain, aka Halloween, in the company of Hecate, the wise old Goddess who was worshipped in Ancient Greece. She may be found as a Triple Goddess, depicted with three faces, Maiden, Mother and Crone; but most often she appears as her Crone aspect. At Halloween, when the veil is at its thinnest, Hecate can guide and protect you as she knows how to navigate between the worlds. She is often shown standing at a crossroads carrying her lantern, which is one of her main symbols.

The Goddess Hecate with black moonstone, hawk's eye, Apache tear and goldsheen obsidians

Crossroads are regarded as a liminal zone, a place on the edge. When you stand at a crossroads you are yet to commit to one direction or another. We talk symbolically about coming to a crossroads in our lives. These are the turning points where you might choose to carry on doing what you’ve always done, or being where you’ve always been, or you can take the plunge and change your job, make the move, or whatever that big choice may be. Crossroads times are full of potential and possibilities for you, but they are also scary. We simply don’t know what is down an unfamiliar path; life doesn’t come with any guarantees and it takes discernment to choose which way to go.

Although Hecate may stand at the crossroads for an eternity you’ll need to choose your way at some stage and then keep moving along. It is an act of courage to take that first step upon a new path.

If you have a ‘crossroads dilemma’ this Samhain, or at any other time for that matter, try asking Hecate for help. You’ll need a black crystal, preferably black moonstone which suits her wise crone nature. Light a candle in the evening and hold your crystal. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

Imagine the Goddess is standing waiting for you in the moonlight at a crossroads holding her lantern. Approach her with respect and wait until she acknowledges you. Ask if you may speak to her of your dilemma. She cannot make your decisions for you, but she may be able to shine her light on the possibilities and help you see more clearly. She might speak to you in words or images. Perhaps her guidance is more subtle, a feeling, a hunch?

Once your dialogue is complete thank Hecate and then you can open your eyes. Write up any notes in your journal before you blow out the candle. Tonight put the crystal under your pillow. Perhaps Hecate will send you a dream that provides more insight, or maybe you’ll wake up feeling more certain of your decision in the morning. Carrying the crystal can help you feel more protected as you take those first brave steps into the unknown.

Three sided Hecate statue at the British Museum


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