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Discussing Crystal Mala Beads Live on TV

Last Friday I did something that would have absolutely terrified me a few short years ago. I went on live TV! It was lovely to be invited by presenter Lynn Jinks onto her Sundar show at Gemporia to talk about crystal mala beads. We were discussing using affirmations with them and using the beads to focus the mind for positive change.

I enjoyed the whole experience and I only had a few nervous 'butterflies in my tummy' beforehand. I'd been chatting the previous day with Lynn about mala beads and she asked me if I'd like to come on the show. I'd accepted the opportunity before I'd even had time to think about nerves! I was Skyping in from home, so this recording is slightly soft focus, but I think I did okay for my first ever live broadcast! What do you reckon?

Thanks to the viewer who wrote in to say she was reading Light behind the Angels too! It's so wonderful to think that my books are out there in the world doing their thing.


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