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Breaking out of your Comfort Zone

Last week I gave an interview for Gemporia at their TV studios in the West Midlands. The thought of making an appearance on TV would have had me running for cover not that many years ago! Guess what? I enjoyed the whole experience and I would love to do more!

That day has made me reflect on how far I have come in dismantling the personal barriers I placed in my own way and how much more willing I am to move beyond my comfort zone now. This invite from their lovely presenter Lynn Jinks allowed me to test how far my self-transformation has gone.

Back in 2015 I booked a professional photoshoot and it took me simply ages to relax and for the photographer to take a few good photos. Last year I had a photoshoot for my new website and I enjoyed the experience. Last week’s filming felt quite natural; suddenly I find I actually love being on camera! I really enjoyed having my photo taken in their studio too.

How has this change come about? Over the years I've worked on my self-confidence to create, teach, and help others, but my confidence about my physical appearance always lagged behind. Bringing through the Sacred Vessel guidance has given me a new sense of self-acceptance and a radical kindness around my appearance. I see myself through more loving eyes now.

At the start of 2023 I told the Universe, “I am ready!” and I really meant it. I could feel the shift in me. I made the intention to ‘fully show up’ in my own life. I made a conscious decision to say yes to all the opportunities that arose and embrace them providing they felt in alignment with my life purpose. Guess what? Since I affirmed this several exciting new options have been offered to me and I haven’t had to go looking for them. The intelligence of the Universe is listening and responding to us all the time, it truly is the Law of Attraction in action.

Do you feel you could be doing more with your life? Do you suspect that you are keeping yourself small? Notice the situations where you habitually hold yourself back. It is likely that there is something quite special on the other side of that self-imposed barrier. Perhaps you are bumping against that restriction because you are meant to notice it is there.

Many of us limit what we allow ourselves to experience, not because we are lacking in talent or ability, but because it feels scary to go outside of our comfort zone. Each time you make a break through that zone expands, it might feel daring or audacious at first, but try it. I made a deal with myself to do the filming, I would take up the opportunity, with the understanding that I wouldn’t have to do it again if I didn’t enjoy it. I needn’t have worried at all. Just imagine what you could do if you dared.

Would you like to work with me on breaking through your limitations? I run Transformation Days from my home in Mid Wales and I can also work with you via Zoom wherever you live in the world.


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