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Cosmic Healing Circle

Our Cosmic Healing Circle gathers via Zoom on the first Wednesday of each month to channel high vibrational Cosmic Healing for the Earth. We use the remarkable Starbrary Quartz crystals to make our connection. Each month we begin with clearing our own healing channels before directing the energy to promote peace, unity and healing for the natural world and its ecosystems.

 Planetary Healing

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Mother Earth needs Healing

We have taken our beautiful planet for granted for far too long. Her ecosystems are breaking down and we can see the environmental impact on Nature all too clearly. Humanity needs to evolve. We need to become more humane for a start! This is a crucial juncture in our history when we will either pull together and put the collective good first, or split into the factions and jeopardise our futures and the future of this amazing planet.

Be Part of the Solution

We gather once a month to channel Cosmic energy, grounding it down to Earth where she can use it to sustain the complex web of life sharing the planet with us.  

The bonus is that we tap into the bliss of Unity consciousness, clearing our own channels and receiving Cosmic healing for ourselves in the process.

This is not a beginner's circle. If you would like to join us contact Lauren and ask for the link to join the next Circle. You will need a Starbrary Quartz and have experience of crystals, healing, grounding and protection.


Attendance is free as Lauren believes this Circle is providing a service for humanity and the world. Who can put a price on that? Donations can be made by who wish to make a contribution to the time and energy Lauren puts into preparing and leading the Circle. 

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Would you like to know more?

Do you have a Starbrary Quartz? Want to know more?

Lauren has written an entire book on the Cosmic Healing potential of Starbrary Quartz. Starbraries are a high vibrational form of quartz encoded with off-planet wisdom. Messages from the Cosmos documents the healing work Lauren has been guided to do with these incredible crystals. It contains visualisations, practical suggestions, cosmic wisdom and insights gathered from working with the crystals. 

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