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Women's Circles

Lauren says,


"There is something very special about women supporting women and gathering together. By sitting in Circle as women we build our self-confidence and learn to validate and reclaim our feminine power.  My women's circles aim to create a sense of sisterhood, a safe place where we can share, where the harshness of the outside world is suspended so that we can be our authentic selves without fear of judgement.

I facilitate these groups and provide the focus for our work together, however the energy of each Circle is collective and all women are invited to speak and contribute if they wish to."

Circle Gatherings

Lauren currently runs three different women's circles:


A Journey of 13 Moons is a closed self-development circle working with crystals and the Goddess. Our Full Moon Circle will run through 2024. Join Lauren's Community to receive your invite when the Moon gates open for registration.

Sacred Vessel is centred on self-care, self-esteem, positive body image and holistic weight loss. This is an open circle running twice a month on Monday evenings. You may join us if you want to explore a different approach to your body image and weight.

The Cosmic Healing Circle runs once a month for personal and planetary healing. The group channels healing energy from the Cosmos using Starbrary quartz. This is an advanced healing circle and you must be familiar with crystals, protection and grounding to join. You also need a Starbrary quartz to work with. Lauren has a limited stock of these specially encoded crystals available to purchase. Prices from £30.

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