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Crystal for October - Tibetan Black Quartz

Tibetan Black Quartz is my crystal choice this October. At a time when the outer events of the world can feel frightening and overwhelming it is important to come back to a place of inner peace. Tibetan Black Quartz has a grounding energy but it also stimulates the crown and third eye chakras making it a good companion for meditation.

In times of trouble we need to meditate more, not less! Waiting for the perfect surroundings and life to be calm before you meditate is counterproductive. Connecting to the vast reality which is boundless and always peaceful reminds us that whatever is happening here in the physical world is transitory.

Many Black Tibetan Quartz crystals are double-terminated. These crystals help energy from the Earth to flow upwards and energy from the Heavens to flow down when they are held vertically, reminding us that we can form a bridge between Heaven and Earth.

Some Tibetan Black Quartz also contain phantoms - internal points which look like shadows where the crystal paused in its growth pattern. Phantoms are symbolic of the continual learning and growth journey we are on. We may stop at times and feel like we aren’t making progress on our spiritual path; however it may be an important time of integration. When the conditions are right we will grow again. Tibetan phantoms remind me of the Himalayan mountains themselves with their roots sinking deep into the Earth and their tops touching the Heavens.

Black phantom quartz can help us to retrieve aspects of ourselves from our shadow side. We may have repressed some of our qualities because they are considered 'unacceptable' whether that is by our family, peers or society. Oftentimes those repressed qualities are a challenge to the status quo, they make others uncomfortable because they threaten to shake things up. You are not here to play small and keep everyone around you in agreement with who you are. You are here to express your gifts and talents in the world. If those are shoved down deep in your shadow it is time you retrieved them. Work with a black phantom in meditation to help you discern where you have buried your own treasure.


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