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Full Moon in Pisces - Maintaining Grace at a time of Change

Rapid change is afoot! In the UK this is as obvious as it could possibly be with a new British Prime Minister at the beginning of the week and the death of Queen Elizabeth on Thursday. The Full Moon falls in Pisces, the last sign of the Zodiac, a sign of endings which makes room for fresh beginnings. Our new King was formally proclaimed today on this Harvest Moon.

Pisces is a sign of deep emotion and sensitivity and it is symbolised by two fish swimming in opposite directions; out with the old to make space for the new, even if the old was much cherished. Everything within the physical world must come to an end eventually.

This Moon take time to contemplate what may be passing away in your own life and what new opportunities and energies may be coming in. The process of change may be sad, or it may be joyful; it is most likely to be a bittersweet mixture of the two. Know that you cannot cling on to the past, you need to flow as gracefully as you can with the changes.

Grace has been one of the words most frequently used in tributes about her late Majesty and this quality is something we could all benefit from developing within ourselves. She had amazing grace indeed.

I have picked pietersite, AKA stormstone, for this Full Moon. A close relative of tiger’s eye, it helps us keep our footing through periods of change and turbulence.


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