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An Energy Overview with Tarot for 2024

Updated: Jan 2

I usually choose myself some guidance cards at the start of each year and do a reading to get a feel of the overall energy for this new solar cycle. I shuffled with the intention of gaining a wider perspective for us as a collective this time. Necessarily this will be a generic reading, so if these cards, or my words, don’t resonate please let them go.

Stone Knight, Stone Maiden and Sword Ten cards
Arthurian Tarot cards for 2024

Using the Arthurian Tarot the first card I drew represented the overview, or keynote, of the year. Here we see the Stone Knight, equating to the Knight of Pentacles in other decks. Looking at him riding along unhurriedly on his sturdy pony gave me the message of making steady progress. I am reminded of the old saying, ‘slow and steady wins the race.’ This Knight has a calm authority and he doesn’t rush at things.  He is dressed for comfort, ready to go the long haul, and he carries his shield, so he feels secure on his journey. You can see the reins are being held loosely. There is a sense of him patiently moving forward a step at a time, staying on task. The progress he makes is lasting, not fleeting. The message is to work steadily towards your goals and keep faith in the outcome even if the payoff isn’t yet in sight.


The Stone suit reflects the material world. The Knight’s appearance gives me some hope that we may be entering a phase where the overall economic climate and therefore our personal finances become less volatile and more dependable. Not an exciting energy perhaps, but I feel the Stone Knight’s reliability is welcome after the rollercoaster of the last few years.


The second card I drew represents potential challenges this year. The Stone Maiden is well grounded in the landscape. She is shown as a young woman, beautifully dressed, carrying a head on a dish reverentially. It’s an image of sacrifice and at first sight the head may be shocking, but this isn’t a violent card. The Maiden is respectful of what has been sacrificed. As a challenge card this asks us to look symbolically at what we may need to offer up from our own lives. There is a calm deliberation to this, it doesn’t feel like a hasty decision. Choosing what we are ready to release needs to be done with an appreciation for what has been, even as we allow these energies to move out of our lives.

The Stone Maiden also reminds us to stay grounded and connected to Mother Earth. This is also a card of service. What can we do to help Mother Earth at this time? There was a sub-message that came through when I first looked at her image; avoid being too dispassionate - in other words don’t have a ‘heart of stone’. The raven is a magical bird who may help you see into the depth of any decisions you need to make over this year.


The third card represents the help that is available. Out came Sword Ten, not generally seen as a helpful card. In this version sharp-edged swords create a bridge that must be carefully crossed if we are to reach the warmth and security of the roundhouse. To me the message is that the way forward may be trying at times, however the endeavour is worthwhile. The Ten of Swords often asks us to face our fears. The roundhouse is there in plain sight awaiting our arrival if we can summon the courage to cross that bridge.

You can see a sword thrust into the ground waiting for someone to pick it up. Perhaps you’ll use it to cut away some old habitual patterns that hold you back. Maybe you need to release the heavy baggage of the past so that you can walk more lightly over that bridge? The virtual sword may help you to cut away the dross, the outworn energies, self criticism, and the excuses. There is a hawk hovering above the scene, prompting us to look at the bigger picture. Seeing from this higher perspective helps us understand why we are making changes.

I picked one card from the Queen of the Moon Oracle to ask for further guidance on where to focus this year – at least I thought I’d picked one! I have been drawing from this beautiful deck in each of my Moon Circle gatherings of 2023 and I will continue in my Full Moon Circle this year. Here you can see a meditating woman with light emanating from her hands which forms a glowing circle. The keyword for this card is Peace. Don’t we long for more peace in the World, especially at the moment? I know I do! To me this card is saying, ‘You can achieve inner peace, meditate to find that spaciousness within.’ If we each took the time to find that quiet, calm, energy on a daily basis the ripple effect into the World would be incredible –  like the light this meditating figure is manifesting around herself.

Peace and Sovereignty cards
Queen of the Moon Oracle cards

Then came a little surprise – there is a bonus card for this year! I'd pulled another card along with Peace which had been hidden beneath it. Out came Sovereignty, the Queen of the Moon herself, which gave me a sense of the reason behind the steady, diligent, courageous progress indicated for the year. Our work forms part of the larger goal of understanding ourselves more completely, so that we may reclaim our power, reveal our true selves, and restore a sense of sovereignty over our lives. The Queen of the Moon whispers to us, ‘Keep going, it’s going to be worth it!’

Legal Disclaimer: Tarot Reading is for Entertainment Purposes Only

Whilst I enjoy reading Tarot and other oracle cards for self-enquiry and spiritual growth these readings should legally be viewed as entertainment. You remain responsible for your choices. Please remember that an oracle reading does not replace medical, legal or other professional advice which should be sought if you are suffering difficulties.


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