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In 2023 Resolve to Honour your Body as your Sacred Vessel

I remember setting so many New Year's resolutions to 'lose weight' and embarking on January diets full of determination, only to give up weeks or months later feeling dispirited and like a failure. Worse still I usually put all the weight back on more quickly than I lost it, and added a few extra pounds for good measure. Constant rounds of dieting left me at my heaviest ever weight feeling frankly embarrassed, a bit rubbish about my body and very unfit.

In early 2020 I decided to get off the ridiculous merry go round of weight loss diets and do something else. Truth be told my Spirit Guides had been prompting me to try another approach for some time, but I'd been so caught up in the diet trap that I had only been listening to their suggestions with half an ear. Finally I stopped dieting and really tuned in to what they were asking me to do. Voila! The weight started to come off gently and naturally, without starving myself, or exercising like a crazy woman.

At first this all seemed too good to be true, too easy, a fluke. I had been dieting for 30+ years, I was peri-menopausal. How could I possibly lose weight without feeling deprived and miserable? The numbers on my scales continued to drop and I couldn't deny how effective my new approach was, or how well I felt. As my BMI dropped from 'obese' into the 'overweight' range I could see the results for myself. Excitingly I went past the weight at which I'd always 'plateaued' through normal dieting (several stones over a BMI 'healthy weight') and the pounds continued to drop. What felt brilliant was they didn't go back on. There was no rebound effect. I could also look at my body and appreciate everything she does for me.

I was guided to share my approach and the Sacred Vessel programme was born, named because your body provides the Vessel for your Spirit to inhabit in this lifetime, therefore it is a precious resource and deserves to be treated with loving care. I started teaching my Sacred Vessel philosophy. It felt natural to share this with other women. My goal is to liberate as many of us as possible from the diet trap.

You can be beautiful at any size. I believe when you truly appreciate your body and start to love yourself in your entirety you naturally tune into your body's real needs and eat to nourish yourself. Over time your weight can find its own healthy balance.

I was given the vision of running weekly Sacred Vessel meetings for women right from the start, but it felt too presumptuous at the time, so I taught the Sacred Vessel approach as short courses. Now I know this approach absolutely does have the potential to change the way women connect with their bodies and I'm ready to serve up weekly helpings ofSacred Vessel.

During our hour each Monday you can expect me to introduce a theme, take part in a discussion, experience a visualisation or meditation and have the support of being in a group of women who have probably struggled with similar issues around weight, self-esteem and body image as you do. You can read more on the Sacred Vessel page and sign up for the January sessions here.


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