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Change your Relationship with your Body and Food

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Isn’t it about time you made peace with your body? Wouldn’t you like to enjoy your food without feeling guilty or trying to keep count of calories or points? How about feeling more confident in your own skin? Sacred Vessel could be key to your healing your relationship with food and your body.

I’ve been working on my Sacred Vessel materials over the last three years and my first client was myself! I had been overweight or obese for most of my adult life. It didn’t feel good! I was unfit, I didn’t like looking at myself in photos and I was continually on and off diets. I lost weight for a while each time, but the effect was never lasting and my relationship with my body remained fractured. Gradually all the diets I tried became less and less effective and the weight loss was minimal.

Three years ago I made the radical decision to stop dieting completely. I'd really had enough of this self punishing nonsense. I knew more dieting was not the answer for me. Instead I decided to listen to my inner guidance. Once I tuned into my own wisdom I received quite different advice from the diets I’d tried and failed at; no more cutting out complete food groups, no more starving myself, no more crazy rules to stick to using up massive amounts of willpower.

Instead I was eating plenty of wholesome, nourishing food in satisfying portions. I was learning to eat enough to truly nourish my body and to stop eating before getting too full. Alongside the guidance to eat real food I was tasting and appreciating my food more. I was training myself to pay more attention to what was on my plate and experience the flavours and enjoyment of eating.

Part of my guidance was to take better care of my physical well-being. I was learning not to blame my body for holding onto excess fat, but to love it as the sacred vessel I will inhabit for the whole of this lifetime. All the time I was thanking my body for the amazing job it already does 24/7. By respecting my body and appreciating the invaluable service it gives me I naturally wanted to treat with more care and give it the food and exercise it needs to be healthy. No punishing gym sessions, just gentle exercise that got me outside into Nature and reduced my stress levels too.

After being stuck in the obese range for years I was very pleasantly surprised when the excess weight started to fall away naturally over time without using willpower, without food becoming an obsession and without feeling hungry.

I now feel fitter than I have for decades and I like the way I look. I don’t have a model figure, I am a menopausal woman in her 50s and I respect that my body still has some curves and wobbly bits. I have so much more confidence in my appearance.

I now enjoy having my photo taken and if it’s hot I will wear shorts in public without worrying whether people are staring at my thighs or noticing my varicose veins! Sacred Vessel has freed me from a lifetime of worrying about my weight.

If my story resonates then I hope my approach can help you too. I've already shared this approach with groups of women online and I've had lovely responses.

Not sure whether this is for you? Contact me to book a 20 minute free Zoom session to chat about Sacred Vessel and check it feels in alignment for you.

You can also read more about my holistic approach on the Sacred Vessel page.


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