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March Birthstone: Aquamarine

Aquamarine is the most popular choice of birthstone for March. It is a blue-green beryl and its hardness and durability makes it popular for use in jewellery. The name comes from the Latin aqua marina which translates as 'sea water'.

Aquamarine has a peaceful cooling and cleansing energy. If you feel like you need a Spring clean on an inner or outer level choose aquamarine as it helps us identify those energies which are due for release, whether they be thoughts, people, situations or objects. Life requires these regular reviews. Without clearing out those things which are no longer useful your energy stagnates and positive new opportunities cannot enter.

Aquamarine makes an excellent gem elixir to support hydration and the health of the urinary system and drinking aquamarine gem water will assist the body in flushing out toxins during a cleanse. The cooling energy may also help other conditions where there is 'too much heat' including hot flushes, inflammation and hot tempers.

As the name implies Aquamarine has had a long association with the sea and it was used as a protective talisman by sailors. It was believed that Aquamarine comes from the treasure chests of mermaids and the Romans associated it with the sea god Neptune. Its water-element nature makes it a perfect choice of birthstone for Pisceans.

Aquamarine is an excellent choice for those who need to speak up. It helps to unblock the throat chakra and allows for peaceful, but clear communication. it is also effective on the heart chakra, soothing heartache and calming harsh emotions. Choose aquamarine when you need to speak your heart’s truth.

Aquamarine has a gentle feminine energy. It can make us more receptive and soften our attitude. It can help us become less judgemental and develop a sense of fairness.

Aquamarine likes to be charged by bathing in Moonlight. Place it in a bowl of water under a full Moon.

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