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Moonstone: A Birthstone for June

I have chosen Moonstone as the crystal for June. This is an ideal birthstone for anyone born under the sign of Cancer as it encapsulates the dreamy and receptive nature of this star sign along with an affinity with the Moon, its ruler. Since antiquity and across cultures Moonstone has been seen as a stone of the Goddess and when worn in ritual it enhances Priestess energies.

Moonstone is affordable and a very beautiful stone to use in crystal therapy. The month of June has several other candidates for birthstones including Alexandrite, natural crystals of which are hard to source, and Pearl which is an organic gem. Modern methods of culturing pearls are rather cruel so I prefer not to work with them.

The most common form of Moonstone has a pearly glowing lustre and comes in soft shades of cream, peach and grey. I find this the most feminine of stones and it has the most relaxing and restful energies. For peaceful sleep and dreams try a piece of Moonstone under your pillow. As you work with this gentle stone you may find you are becoming more receptive over time.

Moonstone helps us to flow gracefully with the cycles of life. Just as the Moon waxes and wanes so do the tides of our lives. Nothing earthly stays the same forever. We have to recognise what phase we are in, whether that is a relationship, a project, a work commitment or indeed our own time of life. We need to know when to plant, when to nurture, when to harvest and when it is time to rest or release.

Moonstone has a well deserved reputation for easing women's issues and it could help to harmonise your mood if you are prone to PMT. It has traditionally been used as a fertility stone and in pregnancy and childbirth.

To bathe in the energies of the Moon you may wish to try a Lunar Year Layout of thirteen pieces of Moonstone arranged evenly around you on a deep blue cloth. This is a lovely layout for peaceful contemplation. Most people will feel this layout most powerfully at the time of the Full Moon, but you may like to try it during all Moon phases as each has its virtues.

You can also use the five pointed star, or pentagram, which is the most feminine of star layouts. Place five Moonstones around you with a stone above your head, one stone either side of your hands and one stone below each foot. Allow your arms and legs to be open in a relaxed position to form the points of the star.

The other distinct variety is called 'Rainbow Moonstone'. This white stone is closely related to Labradorite and good quality pieces reveal an unearthly blue glow in the right light. This beautiful variety of Moonstone may assist you in developing your third eye and the blue light is aligned with the light of Archangel Michael, bestowing a shield of protection upon the wearer.

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